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Cover & Excerpt Reveal: Keeping Dominic by Alyson Reynolds

Release Date: April 19, 2018

Cover Design: Nicole Blanchard

Photo Credit: Lindee Robinson Photography

Models: Andrew Kruczynski and Alyse Madej




No one finds their soulmate at first glance.

Dominic Torres did though. From the second he saw his best friend’s little sister, he knew she was the one for him. Fast forward three years and now she’s his best friend and she has him firmly in the friend zone. He’s convinced he’ll never have the college romance his parents had. Until the day it almost happened. Brooke Caldwell’s life fell apart two days after her tall, dark and handsome best friend almost kissed her. A split second of hesitation made her question her entire relationship with her best friend. You wouldn’t think that a kiss that didn’t even happen would make her question her feelings as much as it did. But all of Brooke’s friends had said he had a thing for her. Unrequited love or a figment of her imagination? When an argument gets out of hand, Brooke and Dom hit a breaking point that has both of them scrambling into new relationships. Even pissed off and broken, neither of them can ignore the other for long. From best friends to lovers, one night could change everything.





Prologue Brooke

My head throbbed as I fought to open my eyes. The afternoon sun streamed into the car through the spiderweb design on the windshield glass. It took me a second to catch my breath. I choked back a sob as I realized the world was upside down and there was blood on the dashboard.

“Dom.” My voice was throaty and weak, and I was having a hard time staying conscious. I was trying to tell myself this was nothing more than a horrible, horrible dream, but I knew. My throbbing head and stabbing pain in my side told me it wasn’t.

What the hell happened?

“Dom,” I said again, this time a little stronger. I was careful to disguise the panic that was threatening to take over, just in case he was awake.

The smell of burnt rubber and oil assaulted me as I shifted slightly in my seat to look at Dom. He wasn’t moving and blood streamed from a nasty gash on his forehead. It looked deep.

“Dominic, please wake up,” I whispered. “I need you to wake up now, baby.”

I reached over slowly, searching around to find his hand. I gasped when his fingers threaded through mine. “Damn it, Dom. Talk to me! Tell me you’re okay!”

My chest burned where the seatbelt dug into me, but I couldn’t move enough to release it. Even if I could, there was no way I’d leave Dom in here alone if I could get out of the wreckage. Who knew if it was even safe for me to do it? I could end up fracturing my spine or something worse.

I squeezed his hand again. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I wanted to go to our spot. After everything that’s happened, we have to be together.” I bit down on my bottom lip before continuing. “Please be okay.”

The sound of sirens filled the late afternoon air and I prayed they were coming to us. There was no way I could reach either of our phones to call for help. I’d already checked if I could reach them, but both had flown into the floorboard when we got hit.

“Dom?” I called again.

If he’s awake I need to keep him talking.

God, I wasn’t a nurse. The only things I knew about medical shit was from Grey’s Anatomy.

“Hurts,” he groaned.

I squeezed his hand gently, sinking my teeth into my lower lip to keep the sob from breaking loose. Something dug into my side and I attempted to turn further toward him. I could barely see him from the corner of my eye. My fingers itched to touch him and reassure myself we were both going to be fine.

“I know, baby. We’re going to get help and we’ll be okay.”

“Love you,” he whispered. “Remember that. Always.”

I stilled and dread crept up my spine, my blood running cold. This was not going to be his deathbed confession.


Absolutely fucking not.

“Damn it, Dom. We had a deal. Don’t give up on us.”

We hadn’t made it through the last year for us to be ripped apart now. I wouldn’t let it happen.

“Dominic, talk to me. Tell me the story about how we first met. I want to hear you say how my purple hair was the first thing you noticed after I stole your coffee. Tell me how much you loved it again. I’ll even dye it purple if you’ll talk to me. Please squeeze my hand, baby.”

I listened and waited. His breathing was labored and from his lack of response I could tell he wasn’t conscious anymore.

“Wake up! Damn it, Dominic!” My throat burned from screaming, the smoke, and the strain of being upside down. “Wake up right now!”

The acrid scent of the wreckage was making me nauseous. Panic started to creep in and I didn’t know if I could hold it together much longer. My chest ached because each second we were there I was another second closer to losing him. We are stuck. There was nothing I could do to help either one of us. I felt so fucking helpless. I shifted again and a sharp pain shot into my side, stronger than anything I’d felt so far. My shirt was already soaked in blood, enough that I’d hopefully lose consciousness again. Because I needed to escape this nightmare.

All I could do was pray that if Dominic died I would too because living without him wasn’t an option—not anymore.

Never again.

I screamed at him to wake up again, but he still didn’t move. My screams hurt my ears as I told him it wasn’t fair for him to leave me here alone. Tears scalded my cheeks and I couldn’t breathe. None of this was fair. I pleaded with God to take me instead of him. Dom deserved to live. He was the kind of man who would change the world.

And it had taken me too long to realize it.

I saw the familiar shiny shoes of a police uniform before he was down on the ground, looking into my scared hazel eyes. His deep voice was reassuring, but I could barely hear him through the rush of emotions taking place inside of me. I saw his mouth move, asking me questions, but everything sounded like I was underwater. He motioned for someone else to come help him. Blessed darkness took over as I finally lost consciousness.


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About the Author

Romance writer. Wife. Mother of two. Avid reader. Queen of multitasking. Originally from the south, Alyson likes to incorporate what she knows into her books. She's lived not only on the east coast, but the west coast and a few places in between. Alyson loves sharing stories about her crazy family to anyone who will listen. Her guilty pleasures consist of coffee, country music, brunch, breaking the rules, and pedicures. And she will always be a daddy's girl. When Alyson isn't chasing around her two kiddos, she's normally writing. Or reading. Her Kindle library is out of control. Alyson writes mainly contemporary novels and novellas with a bit of new adult mixed in.  

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Tempting Little Tease by Kendall Ryan


A hot new standalone romance from New York Times bestseller, Kendall Ryan. She's the tutor I hired to teach me Italian. She's way too young for me, but she's also gorgeous, bright and filled with a curiosity about life that I find incredibly refreshing. It's fucking adorable. I’m old enough to know better, but this pretty young thing tempts me beyond belief. And for the first time in my life, I can see myself falling. *** Is this what it's like to be pursued by an older man? The complete confidence, the lack of expectations, the sincerity? My God, it's exhilarating. Quinn Kingsley is totally unexpected. I'm moving to Italy in three weeks to teach English, and while I never expected something so real to develop between us so quickly, our chemistry is undeniable. There's something so sexy about this back and forth he and I share. Flirting with this man is like playing with fire, and I'm bound to get burned. Io sono attratto da te. I'm attracted to you, he tells me. But is our attraction enough to get us through the complications of a massive age gap and an international love affair? Only one way to find out…  


Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo

OH was I ever so excited to see Quinn get his story. This one is passion right out of the gates with a romance that is so unexpected! Alessandra was a spit fire but in a soft way. She fights for what she wants. And even though there are obstacles in their way, their passion finds a way. Even with the age difference, they just meshed amazingly. Quinn fell hard for her and watching him crack under that hard exterior you saw in the prior books was brilliant to see! 
Overall, Quinn is my favorite brother. A tough nut but amazing once broken a little. Alessandra was a beautifully written character that complimented the series amazingly. If you have read and enjoyed the prior books, you will love this one! It can be read as a standalone but who doesn’t want more Kingsley men in their lives?


A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She's a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she's appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras Subscribe to Newletter Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page    

Cover Reveal: 13 by Rhonda James

Today we have the cover reveal of 13 by Rhonda James! We are so excited to share this sexy new romance with you! Check it out and pre-order your copy today!

Title: 13

Author: Rhonda James

Gennre: Contemporary Romance

Release Day: May 11th

About 13:

“Fake it till you make it.”   A notion I once considered utterly ridiculous. Until one crazy night with a mysterious man resulted in a social media frenzy that had the entire entertainment industry talking.   Seems a fake marriage was just what my career needed to make Hollywood come knocking.   Convincing him to continue the charade was almost too easy. The chemistry between us made it impossible to keep my hands to myself. But it was all just pretend, right? Love was never in the script.   That is, until he re-wrote it.   13 Reasons You Should Stay:  
  1. I’m crazy about you
  2. I make you laugh
  3. You totally dig me

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Exclusive Excerpt:

  Later that evening, I was in bed watching television when I heard a knock on my door. Two short raps before the door eased open and Sophie entered. Once inside, she leaned back against the wood and offered a small smile. Wearing only a long cotton shirt and fuzzy thigh high socks, she looked as though she was already dressed for bed. Why she came to my room at one in the morning—dressed this way—was anybody’s guess. Though, I had my suspicions. Now that she was inside she fidgeted as if she was nervous. Like she might be having second thoughts. It wouldn’t surprise me if she turned tail and ran. If I’d learned anything in my short time of knowing her, Sophie was a runner. I wasn’t worried, though. Something about the way she looked at me told me that—no matter how scared—her desire to be near me far outweighed those fears. Hands behind my head. Confident and totally relaxed. I allowed my gaze to travel the length of her petite frame, lingering a little longer on her naked thighs. The same thighs I’d had my hands on only a week ago. Fucking. Beautiful. I tried playing it cool. “You lost?” “Hardly,” she scoffed. Fussing with the hem of her shirt, “I just…I was hoping maybe we could talk.” I studied her once more. Face scrubbed free of makeup. Blonde hair piled on top of her head. Smooth, kissable skin. She caught me checking her out and tipped her head coyly and smiled. In that moment I knew that, if given the chance, this girl could destroy me. Then again, they say every man had his kryptonite. In a few short days it seemed as though Sophie Banks had become mine. “Sure. I guess. What did you want to talk about?” Sophie nibbled on her lip. Gaze darting between me and the door. Waiting. Reading her cues, I shifted over on the bed and patted the space beside me. Inviting her to join me. She wasted no time crawling up the mattress and snuggling under the crook of my arm. Making herself at home. Two words: Perfect. Fit. I buried my nose in her hair and took a deep breath. God, she smelled amazing. Like lavender and honey. “What’s up?” I pressed. “I had a nice time tonight,” she admitted quietly. “Dinner was yummy, too. Then, the walk on the beach was…nice.” I got the impression she was stalling. While I was all for laying next to her and shooting the shit, I also wanted her to feel comfortable asking me anything because it was obvious she had something specific on her mind. “I had a nice time too, Tiny, but why do I get the feeling that isn’t the only thing on your mind?” She raised herself up on one elbow and studied my face. For a few moments we sat in silence. It was hard to not be distracted by all the tanned skin on display. My eyes were immediately drawn to the way the collar of her shirt draped over one shoulder, revealing the column of her neck and the smooth line of her collarbone. I wanted to dip my head and kiss a path from the tip of her shoulder to the lobe of her right ear. As if that wasn’t enough to test me, her creamy thighs rested mere inches from my hand. A hand itching to stroke them. Tease the soft skin of her inner thigh with one finger tip until her legs parted. Granting access to the heated area nestled between them. Deep breaths, dude. Don’t let her see how turned on you are. She didn’t come here for sex. “I need a favor.” Please let it be sexual. “Remember the whole wedding thing?” She asked innocently. I gave her a look and she squirmed beside me. “Well, the next day my agent called. Apparently he’s been getting a lot of calls. Casting directors are taking notice.” “I don’t understand. What does that post have to do with any of this?” “It seems they like the idea of me being married. I guess it makes me seem more stable in their eyes.” “Stable?” I asked, still not making the connection. Sophie sighed a heavy sigh and pushed herself up to a seated position. “Last year I was a contestant on a reality show. While I was in the contestant house I did some things. Things I’m not entirely proud of. I guess my actions left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. The kind of people who make decisions for struggling actors such as myself. They considered me a loose cannon and my career has suffered from that lack in judgement. So, the fact they’re calling now is a pretty big deal.” “That’s great news. Right?” “I suppose.” She picked aimlessly at her socks and avoided looking me directly in the eye. “My agent thinks it would be best if I continued the charade. He believes that by posting more photos, and appearing in public together—as a couple—people will see that we are really in love.” My eyebrows shot up to my hairline. “We?” “Of course, ‘we,’” she smacked at my arm, “you’re the guy in the photo. It’s not as if I can go out and find another guy who looks like you and would be willing to play the part of my fake husband. I mean, I could, but that would take too much time. Time I don’t have.” “But we’re not actually ’in love.’” I held up my fingers and made air quotes. “Something about this doesn’t feel right. How will our pretending convince these people of anything? I’m not so sure I like the idea of you being someone’s pet project,” I grumbled. “I appreciate you trying to protect me, but I think you’re forgetting that I’m an actress. I’ve spent years portraying someone I’m not. Besides, in this case love is just an illusion. All we have to do is stage the photos properly and people will read into it what they want.” My hand brushed across her thigh and she shivered at my touch. Scooting closer, she leaned forward. bracing her palms on the mattress. From this angle I could see down her shirt. See the valley between her breasts. Breasts that weren’t too big or too small. Just the right size for my palm. Dark nipples, erect and begging to be licked and sucked. “What do you say? Are you up for playing the part of my husband a little longer? I’d be willing to pay you, if that would help sway your decision.” “Fuck that,” I growled. Tore my gaze away. “No way in hell I’m letting you pay me to pretend to be in love with you.” “You have to let me offer you something. Please, Jared. I can’t do this without you.” When she peered up at me with those magnificent blue eyes, how could I say no? Hollywood was the dream of every aspiring actress. If all it took to make her happy was continuing the charade, consider me a married man. “Aw, shucks. What the hell. I mean, it’ll be a burden but I think I can tough it out. Unless a better offer comes along,” I leaned back on my arm and dropped her a wink. “Oh, you are so smug.” She swatted at my chest, laughing. “Thank you. This means everything to me.” I bopped the tip of her nose with my finger, “No problem, Tiny.” And it really wouldn’t be a hardship. In reality it was a win-win. She would get her ‘husband.’ I’d walk away with an endless supply of one on one time and an excuse to kiss her whenever I wanted. But I drew the line at her paying me. What the fuck was that about anyhow? It was as if she was oblivious to my attraction to her. Either that or she wasn’t interested—a notion I found hard to believe. She’d looked so cute when she asked. Nervous. Stumbling over her words as if she was actually afraid I would turn her down. As if I could. Based on the reason for her request, I could understand why it had been hard for her to ask. What she failed to understand was I had been on board with this crazy scheme from the beginning. Seriously, how hard could it be? Pose for a few pictures. When we were together in public we needed to pretend we were crazy hot for each other. Pfft. Like that was going to be a challenge. One look at her and I had a raging boner. Pretending to want her would not be a stretch. “Question,” she announced out of the blue. “Since you’re my ‘husband’ and all, what should I call you? What I mean is, I met you as Jared but your friends call you Hawk. I’ll admit I feel a little left out. If we’re going to do this I want to be part of your world. I really want us to be friends.” Friends. I reached up, threading my fingers with hers. “Friends? Is that all? I only ask because that first night I felt a connection between us. If we’re going to be spending all this time together I think it’d be a shame not to act on that attraction at some point in time. Don’t you?” I’m going to pause right here and make it known that in no way did I mean I wanted to bang her right then and there. Something inside told me right now she was far too vulnerable. If we fucked now it’d be like me taking advantage of her. But my sassy, southern sweetheart seemed to have other plans. Plans that included a lot of kissing. And a helluva lot of body parts touching. “You have no idea how happy I am you said that first,” she declared breathlessly. With Ninja-like moves, Sophie stripped the blanket from my body and I couldn’t help smiling at the look on her face when she discovered I was only wearing boxers. She took her time in her appraisal. Taking in the definition of my chest and abs. By no means was I a bulky guy, but I worked out regularly. Running helped me relax. Well, that and sex. Most people wouldn’t realize, but being up on stage was an intense workout and there were nights when I played for a solid three hours, and my guitar wasn’t light—especially when I switched to playing the double neck. My muscles were long and lean, like rest of me, and her gaze paused on the bulge in my briefs. The one that grew with every second she kept staring. I thought about my sweet Mamaw. My sisters. Baseball stats. Anything to tame the beast awakening between my legs. Sophie licked her lips hungrily, looking as though she wanted to eat me alive. Her eyes darted from my crotch to my eyes and back to my erection. I said a silent prayer to my dick. Pleading with it to play dead, just this once. Not because I didn’t want her. God, I wanted to fuck her in the worst way. But not tonight. Not this soon, and not like this. I opened my mouth to tell her this was a bad idea. Tell her we should say goodnight and try this again in a week or two when she wasn’t feeling so vulnerable. Seriously? Who the fuck are you right now, dude? She swept one leg over mine and straddled my thighs, nestling her ass just above my knees. Leaning forward, she finger walked up and down my chest. My nipples were rock hard from her touch. The pad of one finger circled the darkened areola before brushing ever so softly across my nipple. I swallowed, noting the dark blue hue of her irises. That same finger traveled higher to trace my bottom lip and on the third pass I caught it between my teeth and held on, loving the surprise in her eyes. I rose to meet her. Hands on her back, drawing her body flush with mine. Eyes closed, our mouths crashed together in a kiss of utter desperation. Wanton need coursed through my veins as the tip of her tongue languidly stroked my lips, seeking entry. They parted on pure instinct, making room for her welcomed intrusion. She tasted so damn good. Like something I had never tasted but would crave for the rest of my days. Her greedy tongue felt like silk in my mouth. Soft and slick. Eager as fuck. I couldn’t help thinking how amazing it would feel to have that tongue wrapped around my erect cock, milking me until I had nothing left to offer. My hand went to the back of her head. Fingers buried in her disheveled hair. I could see her nipples through her shirt. The little pebbles rubbed against the cotton fabric that confined them. Begging to be set free. I fell back against the pillows, pulling her along with me. As we kissed she moved her hips in slow torturous circles, grinding her pussy over my rock hard and all too eager cock. Since all I had on was underwear, I could feel how wet she was beneath that silky scrap of material she called panties. Her soft moans kept me in a trancelike state. That’s it, Tiny. A little to the left. Yes! Right there. Roll. Flex. Grind. Repeat. My hands fell to her waist, fully intent on putting an end to the seduction. But goddammit if what she was doing didn’t feel like fucking Heaven. My mind was at war with itself. Slip your hand inside her panties. You know she wants you to. Don’t do it, asshole. She’d look so hot riding your cock. Don’t be that guy. If it’s this good now think how much better it will be if you wait. “Fuuuck!” I opened my eyes, saw the desire in hers, and knew I was in trouble. It took every ounce of strength I possessed, but I pressed my thumbs into her flesh and got her attention. “Whoa, slow down, baby.” It pained me to utter those words but I knew it was the right thing to do. For now, at least. She came back to my mouth, claiming it before I could get another word in. I ripped my mouth away, panting hard. “Sophie, we need to stop.” Her hands dropped to my chest as she pushed herself up, still straddling my hips, and stared down at me. Mouth open and out of breath. “What’s wrong? I thought you wanted me.” The vulnerability in her voice told me this was the right decision but I had a hard time tearing my gaze from her heaving chest. The way her nipples puckered against the cotton made my mouth water. I’d been picturing her naked since the moment we met. That night her dress had been so short it left little to the imagination. Tonight, with my hands on her bare thighs, pussy mere inches away, I could see the prize but I wasn’t so sure I deserved it. I wasn’t sure I ever would. I wanted her but I refused to take advantage of her. Mark my words. There would be fucking in our future but my dick was going to have to earn the right to be inside her. “I do want you. But not this way. I don’t want to rush into anything. I told you on the beach that I wanted to get to know you first. Right now it feels like the only reason you’re doing this is because you think you owe me something for coming to your rescue—which feels an awful lot like what you did on that TV show.” That made her mad. “This is nothing like that and what right do you have to judge me or my actions? Living in that house was emotionally taxing and Gavin was nice to me. He was the only friend I had at the time.” Something inside me snapped. “Is that why you fucked him on national television? Because he was nice?” Yeah, I know it was a low blow but I’d watched the video. Saw the look in her eyes. It was the same look she’d given me when I said yes. I didn’t like the idea of her thinking she owed me, or anyone for that matter, for showing kindness. I wasn’t being kind to get in her pants. I was that way because that’s the way my Mama raised me. Hurt shadowed her pretty face and I felt instant remorse. “How dare you judge me. I don’t have to explain myself to you. In fact, I refuse to keep talking about it.” She pushed off the bed and headed for the door. “You know what? I thought you were different but I guess I was wrong. And you can forget about the whole marriage thing. I’ll figure something else out.” She’d barely reached the door when I slammed it shut, caging her with my arms. Things had gone haywire way too quickly. “Please stay.” My heart beat wildly inside my chest when she turned around and peered up at me through tear soaked lashes. “Aww, fuck, Tiny. I’m sorry for what I said. I never meant to make you cry.” I cupped her face in my hands and took the fact that she let me touch her as a good sign. “I’ve already paid a penance for my actions on that show. If we’re going to do this, Jared, I don’t need you throwing my mistakes up in my face.” I brushed a thumb under each eye, wiping away the moisture. Feeling like the world’s biggest asshole. “Noted,” I answered with a nod and mischievous smile. “For the record, you can call me any name you want, just so long as you keep calling.” “Hmm.” The tip of her tongue poked through her lips and her eyes went up and to the left as she pondered her options. The sight of her tongue had my dick jerking with eager anticipation. With her bottom lip between her teeth, she looked up at me and giggled. “Can I call you Sparky?” I responded with a firm, “Fuck no,” and then couldn’t help chuckling at the pouty face she made. She looked fucking cute as hell. Damn. There was something about this girl I just couldn’t get enough of. “Now that we’ve been properly introduced,” she announced, eyes shifting down to the semi I was sporting. “I think maybe I’ll call you Hawk.” “Hawk.” She repeated my name. Testing it on her lips. I found myself leaning toward her, eyes zeroing in on those luscious pink lips that tasted of peaches and cream. “Does this mean we’re still married?” She arched a brow and rested her hands on my hips, thumbs dipping beneath the waistband of my boxers. “That depends.” My arched brow rivaled hers. “That so? Depends on what?” “On whether or not I’m ever going to get that honeymoon you promised me.” My hearty chuckle echoed throughout the room. “Woman, you sure are intent on getting in my pants. I don’t know how I feel about being looked at as a sex object.” “What?” she asked innocently, reminding me of the flirtatious woman I’d seen the night we met. “I’ve wanted you since the moment you first spoke to me. Now that I have firsthand knowledge of what you’re hiding behind those boxers you can bet your sweet ass it’s all I’m going to be thinking about.” “You…” I lowered my lips to hers and stole another taste. “What am I going to do with you?” “I can think of a few things.” She switched off the light and then screamed when I bent at the knees and tossed her over my shoulder. I grunted and carried her down the hall. “Girl, you need to learn a thing or two about being wooed. Off to bed with you, young lady.” The sides of her fists beat out a rhythm on my ass the entire walk to her bedroom where I tossed her in the middle of the bed and kissed her goodnight. “Just so we’re clear, Tiny, I promise you will be sore after I’ve been inside you. But I also promise to kiss and make it better.” The last sound I heard was that of her frustrated huff when I turned out the light and shut the door behind me on my way out. The walk back to my room felt like the longest walk of my life. Then again, it was hard to walk with a raging boner. Sorry, buddy, not happening. Man, it was going to be a long night.  

About Rhonda:

Rhonda is an Amazon bestselling romance author who strives to create a book boyfriend for all her readers. She’s married and lives in Michigan with her family. In her spare time you can find her talking to readers, getting lost in a new book, or just spending time with her family.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Matters of the Hart by M.E. Carter

Title: Matters of the Hart
A Hart Series Standalone
Author: M.E. Carter
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: March 22, 2018


In an instant he became her hero. Then he became her lover and her friend.

My name is Jaxon Hart.

You watched me grow up. You watched me fight for my life. Now, I’m fighting for hers.

From the second I laid eyes on Annika Leander, I wanted to help her. Protect her. Vindicate her. But she’s got baggage to get through. Hell, we both do.

A funny thing happens, though, when you finally connect with someone in a different way than you ever have before. The baggage doesn’t seem so heavy.

I suppose that’s really the only thing that matters when the heart gets involved.

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WOW! Just. Wow! I don't know if there are words for how great this one is. 
I haven't read the other two books in this series (that will be fixed immediately) so I had no idea what I was getting into. Matters of the Hart can definitely be read as a stand alone. Never once did I feel lost. 
Going in I thought I was going to read a sports romance. There is some football in this one but it was so much more than i expected. Carter gives you all the feels with this one. It is a wonderfully written, heartbreaking, tear jerking, beautiful story of finding love in tragedy. I could not put it down. 
I highly recommend you grab a box of tissues and one-click this fantastic story. You will not be sorry. 

Also Available

99c for a limited time



Author Bio

Mother, reader, storytellerME Carter never set out to write books. But when a friend practically forced a copy of Twilight into her hands, the love of the written word she had lost as a child was rekindled. With a story always rolling around in her head, it should come as no surprise that she finally started putting them on paper. She lives in Texas with her four children, Mary, Elizabeth, Carter and Bug, who sadly was born long after her pen name was created, and will probably need extensive therapy because of it.

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Wrong side of Heaven by Gia Riley

Wrong Side of Heaven, an all new Forbidden and Emotional Romance by Gia Riley is AVAILABLE NOW!!



Some touched.
Some watched.
Some just talked to me.
They all had their vices.
Fear. Betrayal. Loss.
I’m trailer trash in the slums of Carillon.
Until I met him, the mysterious neighbor who speaks through handwritten notes. He never shows his face, only comes and goes late at night, and I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
I shouldn’t want him.
I don’t need him.
But when I close my eyes, he’s all I see.
He’s my addiction. The secret I keep close to my heart.
But sometimes things aren’t what they seem, and secrets don’t stay secrets forever.
And together, we’re just two lost souls on the wrong side of heaven.

Grab your Copy Today!

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Raw. Gritty. Emotional. Those are only a few words that come to mind with this story. Gia Riley gives us a story of a broken girl in Winnie but fights to escape and not become a product of her environment. The pain that this seventeen year old girl has had to endure in her short life is beyond heartbreaking. Enter Jasper. Boy from the other side of the fence. The boy who would do anything for Winnie. From protecting her to just taking care of her, he is a knight in shining armor for her. But then we have the dark knight in the leathers. The man that could change the game. The raw emotions between Winnie and the man is just wow. Not going to give many details on him as you will find out as you read. And trust me… you will WANT to read this story.
Overall, this is by far my favorite read from Riley. The uniqueness of this story as well as the grit had me gripping my ereader trying to devour it to get answers and that ending… oh that ending… I need that next book stat!!! There is just something about the polarization between Winnie, Jasper and the man in leather! With how it ended, who knows how then next one will go?!?! I am seriously chomping at the bit to find out those answers!



  I’ve become a prisoner in my own body, held captive by my thoughts. Without a TV, there’s not much to do besides write, draw, and think. When I run out of paper, I get antsy, and I talk to Dad, praying he’s watching over me. Because, no matter how hard I try to block out the noise, the inside of my brain feels like a cluttered junk drawer full of odds and ends that don’t matter. A bunch of trash that’s stuck in a small space with no purpose. Sometimes, the voices are so loud, I pace in circles until the ratty carpet fibers stop laughing at me. If I don’t, I’ll end up in the bathroom with the blade against my thigh. On days when I can’t get the chatter to stop, I run the smooth metal over my skin and watch the blood seep out. Blood—the lifeline that unites a family. All my family is dead or gone. God, I hate the sight of blood. The smell. The consistency. The way it smears and stains everything it touches. But, once the blade touches my skin, I forget about Tess and how little I have. Suddenly, that little cut is all I can think about, and I love the way it silences the screaming inside my head. For those few seconds of peace, I forget that Dad’s not coming back, that Trey is gone, and how Tess isn’t ever going to be the mother I need her to be. I’m no longer lonely and afraid. I’m the girl who looks in the mirror and likes what she sees. I am me. Nobody else.    

About Gia Riley

Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her very first creative writing class. From the small but mighty state of Delaware, she’s a country girl at heart, traveling back to her roots in Pennsylvania as often as she can.
While New Adult and Contemporary romance have been her passion, she’s dabbled with more erotic plotlines lately, enjoying discovering the sexier side of love with each story she pens. After all, she’s a lover of all things romance – a firm believer that everyone deserves their
happily ever after no matter what it takes to get there.
When she’s not writing, you can find her roaming the aisles of Kirkland’s, up to her elbows in Play-doh, or trying to hunt down spoilers for her favorite reality television show.

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Excerpt Reveal: Wicked Lies by L.A. Cotton


WICKED LIES (Wicked Bay #3)


With only one week until the release of Wicked Lies (Wicked Bay #3) L A Cotton is sharing an excerpt with us! Check it out below and see how to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!


“I…” The words lodged in my throat. I wanted to go to college with Kyle. To be at his side. To be his everything. And there had been a time when I felt that I was. But he was hiding something. I’d suspected as much for a while now.
Water sprayed around us and Lo and I shrieked as the guys, wet from the waves, howled with laughter.
“Jesus, Kyle, you got us all wet.”
“That’s kind of the point, babe,” he said around a breathtaking smile and heat pooled low in my stomach. God, how I missed that, feeling close to him. “Come for a swim?”
“Lo?” I turned to my friend, but she was preoccupied with Maverick. “We’ll be in the water.”
Kyle pulled me up and wrapped me into his arms, peppering my salty skin with warm wet kisses. “You know I love you, right?” His declaration seeped into my bones, washing away some of the lingering doubts.
“I know. Now last one in buys ice cream.” Ripping out of his hold, I took off in a spray of sand and air. It didn’t take him long to catch up. His arms went around my waist and we stumbled into the ocean in a tangle of limbs.
“Kyle!” I scolded, running two hands over my hair to drain off the excess water but when my eyes landed on his, my legs clenched together. “What?”
Eyes fixed right on me, Kyle stalked toward me through the water. When he reached me, he dipped down, snagging my hand and pulling me with him. My legs went around his waist as his arms steadied me and he moved us deeper until the water reached my shoulders.
“Kyle, you’re freaking me out right now.” I quickly scanned the area around us. People were minding their own business. Groups of kids enjoying their summer break. The odd family chasing their toddlers in and out of the gentle waves.
“I just need a minute.” He rolled his hips into me and I understood his words the second something hard connected with my stomach.
“Seriously.” I slapped his chest. “Here? In the middle of a crowded beach.”
“It’s not like I can help it. Have you seen you?”
Rolling my eyes, I fought to hide the smile tugging at my lips. “You’re a pig.”
“But I’m your pig.” He gave me no warning, slamming his mouth to mine. I gasped at first, overwhelmed by the intensity of his kiss, but as soon as his tongue traced the seam of my lips, my body relaxed. The familiarity of his touch soothed some part of me. Kyle’s fingers pressed into the flesh around my hips, searching, seeking, as our tongues swirled together.
“Kyle, I…”
“What?” He broke off the kiss, touching his head to mine. “What do you need?”
Our eyes locked, and I saw the secrets glittering in his eyes, a reminder of his betrayal. I didn’t doubt he loved me, I didn’t doubt his loyalty to me, but Kyle was keeping something from me. So why didn’t I push it? Why didn’t I demand answers? The truth?
“I love you,” I rushed out, sealing my declaration with a kiss to his lips. Hungry and desperate, he kissed me back, his tongue licking and stroking every inch of my mouth.
“Wahey, get some, Stone.” A chorus of cheers broke out around us and I buried my face in his shoulder.
“At least one of us is, Berrick,” Kyle yelled back to his friends. Maverick’s basketball friends, to be precise. But Kyle fit in just as easily. Even though he was a year their junior, even though he was a Stone, not a Prince, they still loved him.
Everyone loved him.
That was half the problem. When we went off to college and he joined the Trojan’s football team, and the USC masses joined the Kyle Stone fan club, where did that leave little old me? At least people knew me here. I’d grown up with them. I wasn’t only Kyle Stone’s girlfriend, but if I followed him to USC, it was a label I wouldn’t be able to shake.
“I’m going to go say hi to the guys,” Kyle’s voice ripped me from my thoughts. “Want to come?”
“No.” I forced a smile untangling myself from his body. “You go.” I started to swim back to shore, but his voice stopped me mid-stroke. “Laurie?”
“It’s you and me. You know that, right?”
Trey Berrick launched himself at Kyle and the two of them disappeared underneath the crystal blue water. With a resigned sigh, I walked the rest of the way back to the beach. Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t get time to reply because what would I have said? That I didn’t know? That I knew there was something coming between us? That as long as he had football there would always be something coming between us?
I didn’t want to be that girl: insecure and jealous of her boyfriend’s future. But it was hard to love the very thing that would one day take the person you loved more than anything, away from you.


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To the outside world, seventeen-year-old Kyle Stone has it all. A future playing the sport he loves, money and status, and his forever girl by his side. But Kyle’s good at pretending; hiding what he doesn’t want others to see. Because Kyle has secrets, the kind that can change everything.

Pretty, popular, and dating one of Wicked Bay High’s rising football stars, Laurie Davison is living the life most girls only dream about. But behind closed doors, she feels like a fake. Keeping up appearances is exhausting, and the one person she should be able to turn to is the person pushing her away.

They say love conquers all, but lies destroy. And when the truth comes out, hearts don’t only get hurt.

They get ruined.


Note: Wicked Lies can be read as a standalone but will be better enjoyed when read in series order




Author of mature young adult and new adult novels, L A is happiest writing the kind of books she loves to read: addictive stories full of teenage angst, tension, twists and turns.

Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time writer with being a mother/referee to two little people. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.


Release Blitz - The Match by Jillian Quinn

One date. Wrong match.

When the raven-haired beauty popped up on my phone as a match, I had to have her. She became a fast obsession, one I couldn't get out of my head. Our first date was a disaster. But when it came to sex, we made sense. So, we came up with an arrangement--sex with no strings attached.

Everything was working out until she became my new employee. I was supposed to train her, show her the ropes. But she made it impossible to stay away. The closer we worked, the more I realized maybe we were the perfect match. She just didn't know it yet.


My cell phone dings with another match. I slide my finger along the screen to open the app and stare at Ava’s picture. Long black hair, denim-colored eyes, pale skin, and nice, plump lips stare back at me. She’s a twenty-six-year-old student from New York who recently relocated to Philadelphia.
Her profile ends with a line that makes me laugh. “If you’re looking for a good time, call 867-5309.” Like the song by Tommy Tutone. How clever. That wouldn’t work on everyone, but it sure does with me. Ava is not only beautiful and smart, she’s also funny. I like her.
After I click the button to verify our match, it seems like hours before my phone dings again with Match accepted. I suck in a deep breath, thinking of something interesting to say. Nothing comes to mind.
Me: Hey! Nice profile. I tried to call the number, but it was busy.
I clutch the phone in my hand and wait, watching as the chat bubble pops up. She’s typing. Thirty seconds later a message appears.
Ava: The second I hang up with one guy another calls. You wouldn’t believe all the calls I get.
Me: Funny girl.
Ava: I amuse myself.
Me: I’m entertained. Dinner this Friday?
Ava: Depends. Are you a serial killer?
Me: Only on the weekends.
Ava: I guess we should change our dinner until Monday then. Just in case.
Me: We could move it up to Thursday. I get tired after all those kills.
Ava: At least you’re not boring.
Me: Did I pass the test?
Ava: I guess. You’re a doctor, right?
Me: A surgeon. So, dinner this week?
Ava: As long as you’re not the Hannibal Lecter kind of doctor and plan to surgically remove my kidneys.
I shake my head, laughing, and type out a quick reply.
Me: You’ve got a thing for serial killers, huh?
Ava: You have no idea the kind of dates I have been on lately. A girl’s gotta have standards.
Me: Like not getting eaten.
Ava: Lol at least not in that kind of way.
Ooh, she’s dirty. I like it.
Before I can respond, another message comes through.
Ava: How about drinks? The Fountain Lounge at seven on Thursday. Dinner afterward if you’re lucky.
Me: Perfect. See you then.

Jillian Quinn is the international bestselling romance author of the Face-Off Series, the upcoming Men of Honor Series, as well as other sexy, sporty standalone romances.

Jillian loves sports, bad boys, dirty talkers, strong females, and books with plenty of heat—all of which you will find in her books. As a lover of all things bookish, she has a serious book hoarding problem and runs a blog in her free time. When she’s not reading, writing, or blogging, she’s obsessively fangirling over hockey players and can be found wherever she can catch the next hockey game.

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