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Sticky Notes by: Drea St. James Poetry for Beginners, #1 Publication Date: March 31, 2016 Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
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Synopsis: A serial dater and self-proclaimed ninja, Liv Lester thought accidentally running into her date from hell was as bad as her day could get. As it turns out, there areworse things. Not only is her company getting sued, but the only person able to clear its name has disappeared without a trace.
A brilliant lawyer on the fast track to becoming a senior partner, Dax Morgan follows strict rules that don't include crazy women who pretend to be his girlfriend. His latest case was supposed to be easy. Get in, sue, get out. He certainly didn't plan on meeting Liv, who throws color into his black and white world and makes him question his loyalties. After chance encounters, misunderstandings, and a trailer load of sticky notes, the two grudgingly team up and find out they might not be as different as they first thought. goodreads-badge-add-38px


“Get off me,” she wheezed out from underneath his big frame.
“Only if you promise to clean it all up. Right now.”
“I can’t, I need to be somewhere. And besides, how do you know I put all the balls in here?”
Dax looked at her, but still wouldn’t let go. “I am pretty sure I haven’t pissed anyone else off this week, and you are inside my apartment." He nodded towards his room. "Since you just put thousands of balls in my apartment, I think whatever it is you are about to do can wait.”
“But it really can’t. I need to go to Jefferson City. Today.”
“You want to know what I think?”
“Not really.”
“I think you are lying.”
“Not true. I really do have to go and I’m kind of running out of time.”
He was still pushing her down into the balls and Liv felt all too aware of his big body pressing into hers. He smelled so good she was tempted to bury her face in his chest. Before she could think about it, she leaned in closer, sniffing his neck. Delicious.
“Did you just smell me again?”
“No, just got a cramp in my back.” Liv immediately pulled back, pushing her hands against his body to gain more distance, which turned out to be a move she didn’t really think through, because now she was touching his abs. And there was a definite six-pack there if her counting skills were still up to scratch.
“Did your hand cramp up as well?” He smirked at her.

She dropped her hand from his abs as though it were burned. Her cheeks were on fire, and she was too embarrassed to meet his gaze. “Nope, that was on purpose. I simply have no control over my hands.”


Drea St. James
Mastering uncooperative cooking utensils, fixing wardrobe malfunctions and the ability to speak to dogs are all on Drea’s bucket list. One thing she did tick off her list recently is the conquest of the computer. Well for the most part. There may have been a few incidents proving the contrary to be true. Just don’t mention a supposedly missing ON button to her. Drea lives with her husband and two extroverted dogs in Perth, Western Australia, the world’s most isolated capital city whose population thinks daylight savings is code for government conspiracy. Lucky there is always Drea(m)land, where everything is possible. Even staying out past nine o’clock on a school night. Drea is currently in treatment for her book addiction.


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