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Beautiful by Ella Bordeaux

BEAUTIFUL by Ella Bordeaux

Release Date: June 7, 2016
Genre: YA


Skylar Woods unknowingly drew Wyatt Smith toward her.  He wanted … needed to learn everything about her. Though he sensed her beauty was more than just skin deep, Wyatt struggled to understand the sadness she attempted to mask with an amazing smile.

When Skylar’s eyes met Wyatt’s for the first time, her breath caught and she couldn’t look away from the new guy standing in the school office smiling at her. The connection only grew when Wyatt sat next to her in English class, allowing Skylar to dare to believe he might actually be interested in getting to know her.

For the first time in months, she felt alive.

The moment Wyatt expressed an interest, the notes started again … the ones that reminded her of a past she could never move beyond—the event that changed her life forever and robbed her of any chance of happiness.

Never believing the rumors being spread around school about Skylar, Wyatt made sure he went out of his way to prove how much he cared about her.

But when the past resurfaces, will Wyatt stand by her side? Or will he turn against her like everyone else?  

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Beautiful is a the first book in what seems to be a very promising series written by Ella Bordeaux. Although this is the first book under Kelly Elliott's pen name Bordeaux, it's not this author's first rodeo in the book world. Elliott has been wowing fans for sometime in the new adult and contemporary romance genres. So, it wasn't a far fetch to scale it back and deliver a YA novel to add to her reader fan base. But could she still deliver her trademark reads minus the steamy sex scenes?
I'm happy to tell you yes. Whether Elliott writes as Bordeaux or herself, her story is every bit as captivating as it has always been, her characters as loveable, and her writing style just as addictive.
In Beautiful, Elliott gives us the story of a young girl traumatized by a family friend living in small town Texas. To say Skyler has it rough in high school would be an understatement.  It isn't until Wyatt moves to town that Skyler is worthy of love.
My only criticism of this book would be that Wyatt is too good to be true. High School quarterback, hot new kid in school who never glances at another girl and is utterly romantic,  patient to the core  might be a bit more than your average boy in high school. But that's why we love our book boyfriends right? Elliott gives us yet another man to swoon over with Wyatt. His patience and love make not only Skyler but the reader fall in love with yet another one of Elliott's men.
With all that said, Elliott or Bordeaux rather, is well on her way to another successful venture this time as a YA novelist. I can only dream of what she will conquer next.


After practice, I looked up and saw Skylar in the bleachers. She was sitting on the opposite side of the field from everyone else, and I immediately knew why. Jenny would agitate her if she’d sat on the home side.
Running over, I took off my helmet, and Skylar walked down to the field.
“Hey,” she said with the cutest damn smile.
God, the things this girl does to my heart.
“Hey back atcha.”
“Smith! Get in the shower now!” Coach yelled out.
Skylar looked at Coach and scrunched up her face. “I didn’t get you in trouble, did I?”
Laughing, I said, “Nah. Besides, seeing your beautiful smile is worth it.”
Her eyes lit up, and my stomach felt like I was on a damn roller coaster.
“I have tonight off work,” she said.
My heart started beating faster, and it wasn’t from all the running I had just done in practice. “Oh, yeah?”
“I was wondering if you might…like to go to a movie? I mean, it would be a double date ’cause Mitch and Michelle would be there.”
I wiggled my eyebrows. “A date, huh?”
“A double date,” she replied with a chuckle.
“Smith! Less than thirty seconds to get your ass moving and into the shower!”
Skylar glanced over to Coach again and then back to me. She jutted her lip out into a pout and said, “You’d better go before you get in trouble.”
My heart stopped as my eyes fell to those lips. I was falling hard for Skylar, harder than I’d ever dreamed I could.
I started to run backward. Winking, I said, “Count me in!”


Writing young adult fiction under the pen name of Ella Bordeaux, Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author.

Finding her way back to one of her favorite genres, Ella will be publishing her first young adult fiction book, Beautiful, June 7, 2016.

Ella lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter and two puppies. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

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