Thursday, June 16, 2016

Into The Tomorrows by Whitney Barbetti

Title: Into the Tomorrows
Series: Bleeding Hearts #1
Author: Whitney Barbetti
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 16, 2016


I was born in sadness, which was just the beginning of a solemn and desolate life. I'm no stranger to pain—none of us are. The night I held my best friend's hand as she died, I understood true agony. And I never thought I'd feel happiness again.

But that was so long ago…

Moving to Colorado to be with Colin, my high school sweetheart, was the perfect way to start over and rekindle what had begun to fizzle. I wanted that spark to ignite, to burn in passion and desire. Instead, I found myself falling for Jude, my boyfriend's roommate. He’s the only person who understands my soul, who can breach the walls I’ve built. But I can't have him.

Because I'm Trista Kohl, and my destiny is sorrow.

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Right from the start this story grips you emotionally. The heartache that Trista goes through is unimaginable. Going through the motions and just existing was no life, so Trista moves to be with her “boyfriend” in Colorado. Yes I used quotations on that one.. Colin… well… DON’T LIKE HIM!! Total jerk right from the start.. Cannot stand him. Enter Jude, who is totally swoon worthy. He gets Trista and wants to be there for her. They are like magnets that connect so easily and fluidly. I love how these two bond and connect. I thought it was perfectly written. To me it seemed that Colin was trying to throw them together in the first place.
I love that Trista throughout this story is growing up. Getting her backbone. Defending herself. And moving on. Jude helps her in so many ways with that. Even his sister does. However, that TWIST! Holy smokes. I sorta but kinda did not see the full blow coming. It floored me and once again Trista was a mess. I seriously  need the next book so I can find out the outcome of what happens between her and Jude.
This is the first book by Barbetti that I have read and I have to say I am going to be scouring for the rest of hers. She writes such stunning work. Fluid, descriptive and filled with emotion. The pain through this story is raw and Barbetti really makes you feel that. Words cannot express my love for this one!
Author Bio

Whitney Barbetti is a mom to two and a wife to one, living in eastern Idaho where she spends her days writing full time and keeping her boys from destroying her house. She writes character-driven new adult and contemporary adult romances that are heavy on the emotional connection. You'll most likely find her curled up with a good book and a giant glass of wine, with Queen playing through her headphones.

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