Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Degrees of Distortion by Aimee McNeil

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Distortion Series book #1
Romantic Suspense
Limitless Publishing


Lexie Wilder is no stranger to tragedy. She struggles every second of every day to overcome the loss of her boyfriend…
Determined to get her life back on track, Lexie retraces a road trip she went on with Alex before he died. The trip was meant to be a harmless adventure to revisit old memories and track down an elusive color of nail polish. Instead, Lexie uncovers a truth in Sugar Hill that her mother wanted to keep hidden. 
When strange men follow Lexie home, her mother demands she run, sending her further away from the answers she seeks. But Lexie finds a clue in an old diary. Her mother wrote about a dark man with a dangerous past.
Jackson is a distraction Lexie isn’t prepared to face…
Alone in an unfamiliar town, Lexie has nothing but her haunted thoughts to keep her company and is terrified this man from her mother’s past has come back to finish what he started. She doesn’t know who to trust, especially when she realizes her neighbor, Jackson, is as intimidating as he is beautiful. She tries to keep her mysterious neighbor at a safe distance, but after he fights off an armed attacker, Lexie finds herself turning to him for comfort. 
Her new protector can’t stop the evil forces already in play…
There is only one person who can answer for the chaos that has taken over Lexie’s life…her mother. The man responsible for the torment detailed in the pages of the diary is real, and now his sights are set on Lexie. His henchmen might have failed, but he won’t.
Lexie must figure out exactly how much she trusts Jackson and his good intentions if she ever wants a chance to finally piece her life back together. But first she has to survive…
Some demons don’t die. They wait...




Wow.. this book was NOT what I expected what so ever. And it left me begging for more! Lexie had been through some really tragic stuff with losing her boyfriend. So take a trip to try and get yourself back or at the very least a part of him. What she didn't expect was the roller coaster that ensued. The past comes back to haunt Lexie's mom and it turns Lexie's world upside down. Enter Jackson. Totally tough as nails but sin on a stick. When things start to unravel even further, she has to put her trust in him and ohhhhh does she ever.
What I really loved about this book was the twists and turns involved and the omg factor. I really enjoy a book that gives me that intrigue but gives me that spiciness too. I seriously need to get my hands on the second book in the series stat though! I NEED ANSWERS!!!


Aimee McNeil was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she continues to live today with her husband and three children. She is a stay-at-home mother that loves every colorful moment with her family.
Aimee spends most of her free time indulging in her love of writing. You can also find her lost in the pages of a good book, or making a mess with her paints. Aimee loves to explore anything that promotes creativity. It is one of the many reason she enjoys writing.

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