Monday, August 15, 2016

Hollywood Holden by Frankie Love

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Hollywood Holden
By: Frankie Love

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"Once I start touching you, I won't be able to stop."


I get what I want.
Sex. Money. Fame.
But Bexley is the only thing I've ever needed.
Problem is, she doesn't think I've changed my wild ways.
And f*ck, I haven't.
But I will.
For her, I will do anything.
She was my best friend, but I'm ready to make her my woman.
I just need to convince her I'm not the guy I used to be.
That I'm more than an actor, I can be her leading man.


I've never given in to what I really want.
Moving to LA. Being an actress. Holden.
I've always held back.
Now I'm buried in regret for what could have been.
I walked away because I was scared.
After four years, I see him again.
I want to give him everything I denied him before.
Starting with my body.
He was my best friend until I broke his heart.
And now I am scared he's going to break mine.

WARNING: This is a steamy, friends-to-lovers, second chance romance that will remind you of your first love. Pour some wine, turn down the lights, and relive the past with the hottest man in Hollywood.


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