Sunday, September 18, 2016

White Lies by Kristin Mayer

White Lies Ebook
Title: White Lies
Series: Twisted Fate Series #1
Author: Kristin Mayer
Cover Designer: Just Write Creations
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 19
Nothing is as it seems. Our love. Our life. Our future.

Were the lies to protect me? Or was it something else?

There has to be a reason behind all of this. Finding out he doesn't love me would devastate me beyond belief.

They say white lies are harmless, but I don’t believe it. There has to be more to our story.

Five stars is not enough! This book was amazing, I have read all of Kristin's previous books and while I have thoroughly enjoyed them she took it to the next level with White Lies! The book is centered in a female character named Willow and I am not gonna give you any spoilers here so all I will say is she is going through a tough time! There are so many twists and turns throughout the book that you will be constantly second guessing everything you think to be true! I always thought that I was good at guessing plot twists, but no I now hail Kristin as the queen of the pilot twist. This books does not follow the general romance novel guidelines in fact I think the rule book was thrown out when a white lies was written but I will say that any fan of a good book with a well thought out plot line will enjoy this book I wish I could give it more than 5 stars because it really does deserve them all! 


About the Author
Kristin Mayer is a wife, a proud mother, and a full-time Analyst and Import Manager. Since an early age, she has always enjoyed reading and writing. While visiting her father one weekend, he suggested that she should take up writing again. With family and a career, she didn’t give it a lot of thought, until a story entered her mind and wouldn’t leave. It just kept forming and developing over a couple of months.
At the beginning of 2013, she decided to sit down and write it all down, but she kept it to herself. One sentence developed into two, and before she knew it, she had the makings of a novel.
Kristin tries to live life to the fullest during every moment. She loves to travel and meet new people. She holds a degree in International Business and uses it daily in her job. Kristin now adds “author” on her list of jobs, and feels very blessed and thankful.

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