Monday, January 23, 2017

Blog Tour: Forever Frenzy by Casey Bond

Title: Forever Frenzy
Author: Casey L Bond
Genre: YA Horror
Editor: Stacy Sanford
Cover Design by Cover Me Darling
Cover Photography by Pink Ink Designs
Cover Models: Daniel Wells and Becca Bryant
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Everything in Porschia Grant’s world was finally normal; the daily routine peppered with moments of happiness, sadness, and monotony. She longs for those moments now, because her entire world has been wrecked, and she didn’t even see it coming.
An evil escaped the underworld, killing someone she loves. It has to die, and she wants to be the one to end it.
But can Porschia live with herself if she takes on the curse she once hated? Will the consequences of her choice crush her?
How will she feel when someone from her past, someone she loved so deeply, enters her life again?
Tage has been guiding his son from the afterlife. He’s always been a part of Seth’s life, even if Porschia didn’t know the extent of his involvement. He’s watched over both of them from afar. Close, but never close enough.
Now they need him, and he’s about to risk everything to show her how much she still means to him.
For some, love never ends and frenzy is forever.

Just when you thought one of the best dystopian fiction/PNR of last year was over, Casey Bond goes out and surprises everyone with an additional novella set 16 years into the future.  In Forever Frenzy, we catch up with our kitten, Porchsia and her family.  Seth, Porchsia and Tage’s son is now 16 years old and of course full of his father’s old Egyptian magic.  Quickly and forcefully, tragedy strikes and once again Porchsia is sent reeling barely containing the anger and fight for survival from within.  

As Bond releases each new book, her abilities continue to grow, evolve and form yet another book that I can’t get enough of.  Although this is a novella it was still filled to the brim with everything you expected from previously reading the Frenzy series without seeming over wrote or ridiculous.  It tied in effortlessly.  I only hope this is a hint at what could be to come.  Maybe we might see Seth grow old in a another series.  One can only hope right?

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction. You can find more information about Bond’s books via the following links: 
Forever Frenzy:
Keep reading for a sneak snippet of one very angry Porschia Grant ...
Surprise lifted her brows.
“I didn’t expect—”
I was in front of her in an instant, backhanding her to the side. She stumbled, grabbing her bleeding lip and staring at me with contempt.
“You didn’t expect me to do what? Protect my family? That was your first mistake.”
She scoffed.
“The second was underestimating me.”
- Copyright Casey L. Bond

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