Thursday, March 9, 2017

Renegade (Moonshine Task Force #1) by Laramie Briscoe

Title: Renegade
Series: Moonshine Task Force #1
Author: Laramie Briscoe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2017


When you fall in love with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time……

Ryan “Renegade” Kepler

I’m the type of man who knows what I want. I make up my mind and stay in my lane, never veering off the course I set for myself.

Going into the military? Did it. Youngest member of the Moonshine Task Force?

That’s me. Get my best friend’s older sister in bed? It was my pleasure.

Age means nothing to me. I’ve seen and done things men twice my age never will. What I want more than anything is someone to share my life with and that person is my best friend's older sister, Whitney.

Whitney Trumbolt

Ryan is ten years my junior, but damn, being a cougar never felt as good as it did the night we spent together. Now I’m struggling with wanting things to either go back to the way they were or spend every night in his arms.

Make my wedding planning company the best in the south? Did it. Ignore the way my body trembles when I see Ryan? Epic fail. Freak out when I see a positive pregnancy test staring back at me? Complete with mascara running down my face and clutching my pearls.

Looks like things won’t go back to the way they were. There’s a man in my life that doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s the one who makes my blood run hot, cheeks turn red, and heart beat wildly within my chest. His name is Renegade.

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Holy Hotness! I have found me a new book boyfriend to obsess over!

Ryan "Renegade" Kepler has been in love with his best friends older sister for years. Even his years spent away in the Military did nothing to change his feelings. He is now back home and a police officer.
Whitney Trumbolt is my new hero! She has just gotten out of a terrible marriage to a man who didn't deserves her, trying to put her life together and running her own wedding planning business. One drunken night she lets her guard down long enough to let Ryan show her how a real man should treat her.
This was my first read my Briscoe and she has quickly earned herself a new fan! I cannot wait to get more of the Moonshine Task Force!

What an amazing start to a series. I think I knew I was going to really enjoy this book from the first page. Whitney has not had it easy recently. She is divorced thinks that she cannot have children and is in a dating dry spell so she decides to go out and find herself a man to loose herself in. She doesn't expect that man to be her brothers best friend and colleague, oh and by the way he is also 10 years younger! But after having a few glasses of wine she throws caution to the wind and takes him home and has a night to remember. But this night to remember comes with a forever reminder as she finds out she is pregnant! Ryans want to step up and be there not only for the baby but for Whitney too but she feels that this isn't going to happen because of her past and the age gap. I loved that the book was really fast paced and that it has set up the series while providing a solid story line, I find quite often with the first book of a series that there is so much scene setting that you loose the plot line of the book but this one did not do it. I felt as a reader we were right inside Whitney and Ryans bubble and the rest of the world melted away. I cannot wait for more of this series to come I think Tank may be my favourite of the gang!

Author Bio

Laramie Briscoe is the best-selling author of the Heaven Hill Series & the Rockin' Country Series.

Since self-publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie Briscoe has published over 10 books. She's appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E-books Lists on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. She's been called "a very young Maya Banks" (Amazon reviewer) and her books have been accused of being "sexy, family-oriented, romances with heart".

When she's not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on her DVR. Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband (the Travel Coordinator) and a sometimes crazy cat named Beau.

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