Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blog Tour Excerpt: Next August by Kelly Moore

Today is our stop for the Next August by Kelly Moore! Follow the tour and grab your copy today!

About Next August:

August Rylan has more money than he knows what to do with, and more secrets than anyone man can keep. He’s a public figure— a billionaire business genius and eligible bachelor—with no personal life, and he likes it that way. Tragedy has followed August throughout his life, and by the time he meets Nashville Jacoby, the secrets he’s harboring aren’t just sad, they’re dangerous.   Nashville is a nurse from the Deep South—the consummate country girl. She works hard, takes care of her family, and dreams of a simple life. She’s drawn to August, despite his refusal to open up to her, his intimidating fortune, and his controlling tendencies. He’s not only mesmerized by her physical beauty, he’s enthralled by her kind heart and sassy honesty. Their intense sexual chemistry surprises them both, and soon they’re locked in a passionate love affair. When August’s secrets finally catch up with him, however, their relationship isn’t the only thing that’s at stake. Someone from the past wants revenge on August and isn’t afraid to destroy the one thing August's money can’t buy—the woman he loves.

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"Would you just get in before we are swept away?"
She squints at me. "Say please."
I want to throw her over my knee and spank her for being so defiant, but that’s probably not the best way to win her back. "Please. Will you get in the truck?"
To my surprise, she climbs into the truck. I close the umbrella and throw it in the truck bed. When I get in, she’s leaning against the passenger door. She looks ready for battle.
"Why are you here?" she asks.
For a moment, all I can do is stare at her. She’s that beautiful. I wonder if she’s been as miserable as I have been. God, I have missed her.
"Did you come all this way just to gawk at me?" she asks. "Or do you actually have something you want to say?"
"I was an idiot."
"Go on."
"I behaved very poorly. I’m very sorry."
I should have known she wasn’t going to let me off easy. "I’ve been desolate since you left."
"Desolate." She snorts. "Try another word."
"It means…."
"I know what the fuck it means. I want you to say something more human!"
I grit my teeth. "Heartbroken." She’s not giving me an inch, so I refuse to give her a centimeter. "Watch your mouth."
To my surprise, she burst out laughing. "What’s so funny?"
"You. You come here to apologize, yet you still want to control me. Telling me what to say. Please. Whatever comes out of my mouth, it’s my choice."
I move closer to her. "You know how to do better things than say nasty words. I know what that mouth can do. And it’s not always about what comes out of it. What about what goes in it?"
She leans in closer. "I don’t think you want my mouth on any part of your body right now." She tries to open the door. I grab her from behind and pull her toward me.
"I’m sorry, Nash. I love you." When I whisper, she stops moving.
"I need you," I continue. "My life is worth nothing without you. I was a total asshole. But I recognize it. I’ll try to change. For you, I’ll do anything."

About Kelly Moore:

Kelly Moore was raised in Mt. Dora, Florida, a true southern girl with a sarcastic wit. Gypsy traveling nurse by day and romantic author by night. Loves all things romantic with a little spice and humor. Loves two characters who overcomes their pasts to fall in love and have a happy ending. Wife, mother, grandmother and dog lover. Travels the US in a fifth wheel making memories and making friends.

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