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Mixed by Maya Hughes

Mixed (Breaking Free #2) by Maya Hughes
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Natasha Snow Designs
Release Day: June 29, 2016


Jen Taylor’s life was anything but simple, but at least she had a plan. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t leave a lot of room for her to follow her artistic passions, but that one art class a week was her escape from a whirlwind of legal proceedings, and take some time for herself. She wasn’t expecting that the nude model from her life drawing class would wind up being the owner of her new favorite bar…   You draw a guy nude—one time—and suddenly he thinks he knows what’s best for you… then again, what if he’s right?   Mark Jones has finally wrapped up the divorce from hell, or so he thinks. But his ex-wife isn’t finished with him yet. Thanks to her scheming, everything he holds dear could come crashing down around him, unless he can find a way to buy her out – and fast. To make matters worse, in a moment of desperation he agrees to be a nude model for some extra cash and that has come back to haunt him, in the guise of a crazy sexy blond artist that caught his eye and almost made him lose his cool.   When family secrets, betrayal and revenge threaten everything that keeps them together, will their new-found love be strong enough to survive?   Mixed is a standalone romance in the Breaking Free series with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA.



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Maya Hughes’ Mixed is a story about a woman breaking free of the holds life has weighed her down with and finding peace, happiness, and maybe a little love along the way.

In Mixed, Hughes introduces us to Jen Taylor, a successful lawyer on the verge of partnership whose heart just isn’t in her work.  She hates the long hours, the stuffiness of the office and how her peers believe her Daddy just handed her life on a silver platter.  She wants to be free, independent, and be taken seriously. One step into The Bramble, a local bar Jen’s life changes exponentially with meeting Mark.  Mark also wants to be set free. Free from worry, terrible ex’s and the cards he’s recently been dealt.  Meeting Jen isn’t what he had in mind, however he finds it impossibly not to be near her.

This was my first novel by Hughes.  It is the second in her Breaking Free series and you could easily read it as a standalone without giving the first book’s plotline away.  This book has a good storyline filled with steamy love scenes, funny moments, and deep rooted complications, however it lacked that extra something to really make me latch on to these characters.  There were subtle hints dropped here and there about the way life has changed them emotionally, however you really didn’t get that whole back story until nearly the very end in one big dose of hmmm….. With that being said, I could easily pick up this book and read it as time passes.  I still found it fun, engaging (more towards the last five chapters) and would still recommend this as a read for those who are just looking for something to keep their minds busy.

I am looking forward to Hughes’ next addition to this series featuring Rox, the chef and Liam, the investor.  I have a feeling that Hughes has quite the story lined up for those two and I can’t wait to dive in and see what she has in store for her readers.  



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About the Author

Maya Hughes is an author of hot romance novels with humor and heart. Her debut novel Passion on the Pitch is about an American girl finding love with an Irish footballer (soccer player).   Maya is a longtime fan of romance novels, sci-fi books and films, and burning up massive amounts of time procrastinating on the internet.   When she's not writing, reading or procrastinating, Maya loves to spend time with her awesome kids and amazing husband, who has supported her every step of the way.  

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