Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Playing the Field by Karen Frances

Playing the Field from Karen Frances with Chris Spearman on the cover is now Live

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Playing the Field is the prequel to Playing the Game/Playing to Win and if you’ve read both books, then Fletchers story is a must read.

Having shot to fame at a young age, Scotland international footballer Fletcher Adams lives his life in the public eye. It’s not only his game on the pitch that the British public are interested in. No, it’s his love of wild nights and women that always seem to cause a stir with the media.

Fletcher has it all, or so everyone thinks. The car, the nice apartment, girls who throw themselves at him, and plenty of cash to splash around. But he’s never had a great relationship with his mum, an alcoholic who has never been there for him or loved him.

He’s tried over the years to help his mum combat her drink problem, all to no avail, but when he realises just how far down her life has spiralled, he knows he has to have one last shot at saving her. With his mother hell bent on drowning in drink, and yet another scandal in the news, will circumstances change for Fletcher, or will he continue playing the field?

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As a HUGE Fletch fan, I was so stoked for this one as you get to see a lot more into Fletcher’s past. Why he is the way he is and acts the way he did. I really enjoyed seeing Fletch before he meets Jess.
This book is very emotional to me because Frances delves into Fletch’s relationship with his mother. That was a very angsty and emotional ride to read. To see him push through and become what he is, all bet a bit of a naughty boy, but you can see the reasonings why and it is beyond heart breaking.
Overall, this  novella is an amazing addition to the series. It tackles a tough subject that people don’t like to talk about much because they would rather hide it in the shadows. I find that Frances has such a beautiful way with words to approach each with such grace and poise. As she did with the full novels of this series, utterly brilliant and I could not put it down.

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